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Swimming Pool Spa and Hot Tub Repair

 in Oklahoma City

 In-Ground Liner Replacement Safety Covers  Installation and More

   A-Pro Services is a swimming pool, spa, and hot tub repair company based in Oklahoma City.  Our primary business is the sale, installation, and replacement of swimming pool safety covers and  in-ground vinyl liners.   Our goal is to provide the finest products of their kind in the world, and excellent professional installation by people who care about the end result.  Because it's not just a pool..

                                        It's Your pool!


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Our   Full Site  is now mobile friendly and easier to navigate!

Swimming Pool Spa and Hot Tub Repair

Oklahoma City Area

  Including Blanchard Edmond Moore Minco Mustang Norman Okarche Piedmont Tuttle

   In-Ground Liner Replacement Safety Covers  Installation and More -  A-Pro Services is a swimming pool, spa, and hot tub repair company based in Oklahoma City.  Our primary business is the sale, installation, and replacement of swimming pool safety covers and  in-ground vinyl liners.   Our goal is to provide the finest products of their kind in the world, and excellent professional installation by people who care about the end result.  Because:

                                   It's not just a pool...         It's Your pool!


Figure 8 inground vinyl liner pool    Swimming Pool Liner Replacement And Installation

   After 30 years in the business, you would think that replacing a swimming pool liner would be pretty routine, and in a way, I suppose it is. But not really.  I long ago lost count of how many liners I have personally installed, but, the truth is, each new liner is different from the one before, and each becomes my "baby" from the time it is measured, until it is installed.   We take great pride in the vinyl liner manufacturers we deal with, because their precise manufacturing allows us to have that perfect fit we are known for.  We have the privilege to work directly with some of the best manufacturers in the United States, so that we can offer top quality American made products at reasonable prices.  We take the time to measure and install your new liner properly, and include all new faceplates, gaskets, and main drain covers with each liner installation.  Because of this, we may not be the lowest estimate you get, but the final price will not be more than the estimate.  We can get cheap liners, too, but, in most cases, it is not your best buy. 

           More About In-ground Pool Liners


Look-Loc Kidney shaped safety cover

               Swimming Pool Safety Cover Sales and Installation

    Swimming pool safety covers are great for keeping debris out of the pool, and can even be used on the pool during the spring and fall, when there are a lot of leaves and debris falling, but the pool needs to have circulation - like the dreaded cottonwood that blows around.    But at A-Pro Services, our emphasis for safety covers focuses on the safety aspect.  We sell and install safety covers that anchor securely to the apron of the pool. To maximize safety, the cover needs to fit correctly. This means that if you have a custom shaped pool, you need to have a custom cover.  There are  many pool shapes out there which are based on rectangles, that are so common that they use stock covers.  If a stock cover fits the pool correctly, you certainly should use a stock cover.  There are some companies that will sell you a stock cover for a custom pool,  but these are not safety covers, and they will not last nearly as long, because the wear points are not protected properly.  Custom covers are quite a bit more costly, but well worth it in the long run.  Those we sell most are Loop-Loc brand, made in Hauppauge, New York.  This is the brand that "holds an elephant".  Many years ago,   Loop-Loc demonstrated the strength of their safety covers by walking an African elephant across it.  The elephant is , to this day, the company's mascot and trade mark.  We have other brands, too, that cost less, but the money you can save with the lesser brands is not enough to trade for the quality, safety, and longevity of a genuine Loop-Loc.  Despite the strength and security of your safety cover, remember - the best of safety covers should be your last line of defense, not the first or only!

Our Reputation

Prompt and Professional

Pool and Spa Service and Repair

    We have worked pretty hard over these last many years, to become the best at what we do.  In the process, we learned a few things about public review sites, like YP and others.  One thing I have learned, is that just by asking, most customers will leave a nice review!  As our own websites became prominent in search engines, we found that we needed to advertise less with online directories.  I learned the hard way that, if you stop paying them, your listing and all those reviews disappear!  This is especially true at YP.  Nearly 60 reviews and a 5-star rating...Poof!

   I suppose that's just as well, in some ways, because so many businesses had started writing their own fake reviews, which invalidates the entire concept!

   That being said, here are some links to the review sites we know about, nearly all are positive, but of course, there is the occasional competitor written slam, or a nut who complains for two years that you didn't return his singular phone call (although their VM box is full).

   Anyway. we will soon be launching our own review page, with real reviews that can't be faked. and won't disappear!  Until then,

 here's what we've found:

 BBB Linked Logo

We are BBB accredited, with an A+ rating, and, now that the BBB has a review function, we have 9 A reviews, and one guy who is still mad after more than two years because he says we never called him back.  Click the logo to read what the BBB has to say about us.

Local.com  We never did pay them a dime, so Kudos to them! (9 reviews, 5 star rating)


Superpages.com   We advertised with them for a year or two, but they are more national, and our work is in Oklahoma.  Lat time I checked the reviews were still there, but they got our name wrong!  (14 reviews, 10 that are posted, 9 5-star, 1 1-star, average rating 4.5.  At that same time, the 1-star  person evidently thought that none of the positive reviews were helpful!  Allegedly, we wouldn't go clean their pool.  We don't clean pools!  I guess you can't win them all....


YP.com   When we stopped advertising with them, our reviews disappeared.  When we started our ads on YP Mobile, they promised to put them back, but never did.  There were nearly 60 reviews, and a tip missing off the 5th star.  Currently, there are 2 5-star reviews. at YP.com. 


Yellowbook.com  Yellowbook has both of our numbers listed, there are currently no reviews, as we haven't advertised with them in many years, so we don't show up in organic searches.  This link is here just in case you did somehow find us there. 


Angie's List    Literally everyone who actually hired us through Angie's List gave us an A rating, but I do want to mention something here.  While Angie's list uses the thinly veiled premise that businesses can't pay to be listed, they do pay some pretty steep fees for placement.  When they first started, they sent us some work, because we were one of the most reputable companies around, and the had no-one willing to pay.  After receiving the Super Service Award for a couple of years, out of appreciation, I paid $2000 them one year.  The next year, they wanted 2 1/2 times as much, so I refused.  The rep promised that if I didn't sign up, we would be so buried that we would never be found.  Maybe we were, but I don't care, we're still eating.  The point here is that the best companies don't necessarily make the top of the list.  Reviews are scrutinized by staff members, and can be somewhat manipulated, but they do at least make sure that each reviewer has a unique perceived identity.  You have to have a membership (which I don"t) to read our reviews, this link goes to the home page.  You would have to sort alphabetically, or find us by name or phone #.  33 reviews, A rating.

 Local Reviews (Archives)  These are reviews we found around the web, some from the sources above.  I'm working on building a functional customer review page so you can directly leave feedback here.


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A Word From Our Sponsor

A-Pro Corporation is a company dedicated to the premise that it is people who matter, not just the bottom line, and that each of our customers deserves the very best we have to offer.  Of course, to stay in business, we have to make a profit, but a fair profit.  In return, we promise to always put our customer's needs first, and to serve them to the best of our ability.

   We are a service oriented company. The goal of our websites is to provide helpful information on getting  the most enjoyment from your pool or spa, cost effectively, and safely.  Homeowners need to know about basic care, and minor repair, but some things are best left to skilled professionals.  When you need those skills, we hope you'll choose A-Pro.

Coming eventually....


In the mean time, I humbly thank you, our customers, for making this venture possible   

   -- Chet Lewis  CEO A-Pro Corporation


  "When You Want it done right... 

                Call A-Pro!"

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"Life is a series of moments.....  Our goal, then, is to be, at any given moment, at our very best.  If you make the moments worthwhile, the rest of life will follow.  Let us pursue excellence with all due diligence, and strive to give others the best of ourselves.

                        Chet Lewis 2007

Thank You for choosing A-Pro!


Swimming Pool, Liners and Covers in the OKC Area

Central Oklahoma, including OKC,  Bethany, Edmond, El Reno, Del City, Midwest City, Moore, Mustang, and Yukon

  A-Pro Services is Your swimming pool, spa, and hot tub service and repair company in the Oklahoma City area. Our areas of expertise include in-ground swimming pool liner replacement,  swimming pool safety covers, and repair of pool and spa equipment including pool and spa heaters, pumps, filters, motors, controls and other equipment.  We have expert spa and hot tub service and repair technicians, and we repair and service most major brands of pools, spas, and hot tubs, pumps, motors, heaters, controls and equipment.  including Balboa, Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, Pac-fab, Rheem Sta-Rite, Sundance, Superior Spas, and Waterway. 











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