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 Due to age and health, A-Pro Services has closed. 

These pages remain here as a public service until they expire in 2023, because so many folks have found the information useful.  

  Our sincere thanks to those who made this all possible!  


The Process Of Getting A New Liner Or Safety Cover

    At A-Pro Services, we like to make the purchase and installation of a new swimming pool liner or safety cover as simple and easy as possible.  The nature of those projects require that we see and measure the pool in person, so we come to your home, bringing literature and samples with us.  Once we have accurate basic measurements, and are able to see first hand what is needed to do the job right, we can give you an accurate estimate for replacing the liner.  Our estimates include all taxes, shipping, and installation of your new safety cover or liner, and there are no surprises.  If the price is agreed upon, and you choose to hire us, we take final measurements, receive your deposit, and order your product, usually within 24 hours. At that time, we pay the factory in full for your liner or cover.   We keep you posted as the expected arrival date, and schedule installation as soon thereafter as possible.  Since we have paid more for your product than the deposit, we want to get it installed right away!  Often, we can do the installation the day after we receive your new liner or cover.


Elephant On Safety Cover

Ordering And Installing Safety Covers

    If your pool uses a stock safety cover, one that the factory has already made and waiting to be shipped, it takes about 3 days to get it here from New York ( I am assuming, here, that you have wisely chosen Loop-Loc)  They usually ship the same day (or the next business day).  We get a tracking number when it leaves the factory, with an expected delivery date, an schedule the installation for the following day.

    If your pool requires a custom cover, it takes a little longer.  We give you a "not to exceed" estimate, which is usually accurate.  We calculate the price based on the highest way the factory would calculate the cost, and if the cover costs less than our estimate, your final bill will be lower.  If we have underestimated the cost, your final price will be the same as the estimate.   If the estimate is agreeable, we receive your deposit and take final measurements.  (It can take 2 people an hour or more to measure and almost as much time to do the drafting for some custom covers, so we don't do the full measure until we have a commitment).  Usually within 24 hours, your cover is ordered.  For custom safety covers, it takes about 3 weeks in manufacturing.  We get a proposed ship date, and plan the installation accordingly.  We get a final notice the day before shipment, and track the cover so we can install at the earliest possible date.

    Simple rectangles take about 1-2 hours to install, custom covers take longer, usually about 2-4 hours.   We use an anchor plan provided by the factory to accurately drill 3/4 inch holes in the apron at the specified locations.  while we love animals, it's usually best to keep pets out of the construction area, because we may need to make a few trips to the truck, and we don't want them to get out!


In-Ground Liner Installation

Ordering And Installing In-ground Pool Liners

    While there are lots of standard vinyl lined pool packages, there are also a lot of variations, depending on the pool builder.  For this reason, we treat all liners as custom fitted liners.  Even if we have a serial number for the previous liner, we do verification measurements, in case the previous installer didn't measure so carefully.  Accurate measurements for a precise fit are critical in determining how long your new liner will last. 

    When we come to visit you, we bring brochures and samples, so you can choose the pattern that you like.  We explain the different options, and help you make an informed decision, but the choice of liner patterns is entirely yours.  We don't show you the "bargain basement" liners, because of limited availability and usually shorter warranties.  If you really need the absolute cheapest liner you can get, and don't care what the pattern looks like, let us know ahead of time.  The cheapest thing you can get is usually not your best buy, but, again, that's not our decision.  (We don't make extra money by selling you a better liner, our profit margin would be the same.)

    While you are looking at the samples, we do a quick measure of the pool, to get the square footage, and note any special features, like covered steps or swim-outs, to determine a price for the liner, and look for any repairs that may be needed to the structure.  We calculate the price and give you a written estimate based on the liner you choose, including installation, gaskets and faceplates, new main drain covers, shipping, and sales tax.  We assume that every pool has some minor flaws, so those are included.  If we are able to see the bottom of the pool, and tell what condition the structure is in your estimate will be accurate.  If the pool is full of swamp water, we may not be able to see hidden damage, so it is best if the pool is either clear or empty.  If it is empty, the liner is already ruined, and not conformed to the shape of the pool, so we may need to make some cuts in it to get accurate measurements an assess the condition of the structure. 

    After we have given you the estimate, and you have chosen your pattern, we ask for a deposit of half the estimate.  We then do a full set of measurements, and order the liner.  We advise you that it may take up to 3 weeks, although we usually have the liner within about 10 days.  We would like to do the installation immediately, but weather conditions and other factors can cause delays. We would rather be early than late!



Liner being installed OKC

In-Ground Liner Installation Process

    Each pool is different, so there are some variances, but, generally, here's what to expect:

    The day before your liner is to be installed, we remove the old liner, and dispose of it in your city trash cans, or place it at the curb for "big trash day".  If that isn't possible, we work out what is necessary to properly dispose of the old liner. (NOTE:  If you know of a place that will recycle used liners, let us know, we have been asking that question for years!)  We do all the preliminary prep work to get the pool ready for the new liner.

    On the day of installation, we do a final prep before we install the liner, an put new gaskets in place.  Depending on the pool, the liner installation usually takes about 4-6 hours.  We place a strong vacuum between the liner and the wall, to conform the liner to the structure.  At this time, we install the main drain, main drain cover, and any other fixtures that can be attached. The vacuum will continue to hold the liner in place while the pool is filling.  During this time, we ask that someone be available to monitor the water level, and call us when the water is about a foot deep in the shallow end.  When it gets up to the proper level, we ask that you call to let us know, even if it is in the middle of the night.  We then come by, disconnect the vacuum, and the pool can be filled up the rest of the way.  Once the pool is completely filled, we come by for a final inspection, and collect the balance.  We leave with you all the paperwork on your new liner.

                                                            More About In-Ground Liner Installation



What Happens When You Hire A-Pro for Pool Repair

    Of course, with any transaction, it is customary that payment is due at the time services are rendered, and the same is true with a service call.  If  you let us know that you are unable to be home at the time of the service call, we usually extend the courtesy of leaving you a bill, expecting prompt payment.  But when you purchase something major that requires installation, it isn't reasonable to pay the full amount in advance, so we ask for half with the order, and the balance when the job is done.  But this page isn't really about the money, we just wanted our customers to know what to expect in the process of installing a safety cover or replacing an in-ground pool liner.  We install liners in central Oklahoma, including OKC, Bethany,  Edmond, El Reno, Moore, Mustang, Piedmont and Yukon.



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Swimming Pool, Liners and Covers in the OKC Area

Central Oklahoma, including OKC,  Bethany, Edmond, El Reno, Del City, Midwest City, Moore, Mustang, and Yukon

  A-Pro Services is Your swimming pool, spa, and hot tub service and repair company in the Oklahoma City area. Our areas of expertise include in-ground swimming pool liner replacement,  swimming pool safety covers, and repair of pool and spa equipment including pool and spa heaters, pumps, filters, motors, controls and other equipment.  We have expert spa and hot tub service and repair technicians, and we repair and service most major brands of pools, spas, and hot tubs, pumps, motors, heaters, controls and equipment.  including Balboa, Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, Pac-fab, Rheem Sta-Rite, Sundance, Superior Spas, and Waterway.