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   A-Pro Services offers high quality, American made in-ground vinyl swimming pool liners and installation in central Oklahoma, including Edmond, Piedmont, Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Del City and Midwest City

A-Pro Services - What To Expect When Replacing Your In-ground Vinyl Liner

     From the first time you contact us about replacing your in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner, we want your experience to be a great one!  For those who have never been through the process, it's important to know what to expect, so we have pages that take you through it all, from your first phone call, to the final installation.   If you're struggling with where to begin, try the "where do I start?" link on the left below "Basics of Liners", or just call us - We're happy to help!

Our Liner Brands

   Just like cars, and most other things, there are a lot of brands to choose from out there, with different quality levels and specifications.  While we can get just about any brand liner that  you could name, we have the privilege to work directly with some of the best manufacturers in the world.  We chose to feature American made liners, like Loop-Loc, GLI, and Plastimayd,  because I would rather help pay wages and benefits to a factory worker in Ohio, or a designer in New York than to underpay a worker halfway around the world.  Even today, American factories are held to higher standards, environmental responsibility, and wages.  Of course, that does mean their products cost more to make.  We offset this cost with our ability to purchase liners directly from the manufacturers instead of going through a distributor, which also gives us much more reliable shipping, quality, and response times.  Each liner is custom crafted by American workers, specifically to fit your pool.

    Because it's not just any liner.  It's Your Liner!

Rectangle LinerInstalled in Yukon OK


In-Ground Pool Liners

   When replacing an in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner, there are many things to be taken into account.  Replacing the pool liner can be a big investment, so it should be carefully considered, just as you would any other significant home improvement.  And, as with other home improvement, the most important thing is to have your pool liner installed correctly, by professionals who know what they are doing, and who care about quality and workmanship.  With proper installation and care, your liner will last many years, so it is critical that the preparation and installation is done correctly.  The structure must be in good condition and clean before installing the new liner, and the pool must be precisely measured so that the liner fits perfectly.   When you think about it, it's a matter of economics.....  For example, if you spend $3500.00 to replace your liner, and it only lasts three years, that's $1167.00 per year!  But if you spend even $4000.00 to do it right, and it lasts 15 years, that's less than $267 per year!  I have seen poorly installed liners last a lot less than 3 years, and well installed and well maintained liners can last up to 20 or more years, with the average life being 9-12 years.  The most important factors  that determine the life of the liner are: 

   Quality of the liner - don't go cheap, you will pay for it!

   Proper fit - The liner should fit snugly in corners and radiuses, and have a slight vertical tension. 

   The condition and preparation of the structure - It must be clean, smooth, and free of rust, all gaskets and faceplates should be  replaced

.  Taking the time to properly install the liner  - It should be installed so that it is well fitted in the corners, and adjusted so that there is even stretch throughout the liner.   It should be wrinkle free. 

   Lastly, and just as importantly, the care the liner receives after it is installed.  Water chemistry and proper care are critical.

  MORE about in-ground pool liners

In-ground pool liner installation in mustang  Empty pool with liner held in place by vacuum


In-ground Pool Liner Installation

Once the pool has been precisely measured, it usually takes 2-3 weeks for your custom liner to be manufactured and shipped.  During this time, any major repairs to the pool structure can be made, and preliminary cleaning and preparation done.  At our first meeting, we will be able to give you an approximate ship date for your liner, and follow up when there is a ship confirmation. Liner installation should be scheduled accordingly.   If the pool is still in use, it should be drained a day or two before the installation date, and prepared for the new liner. 

On the day of installation, the pool gets a final cleaning and inspection, and the new gaskets are installed.  The liner is placed in the pool according to the way it was folded by the manufacturer, then unfolded and snapped into the bead receiver.  It is then adjusted so that it hangs straight and even, and that all the checkpoints, such as corners and breakpoints are lined up.  If there are vinyl covered steps, they are attached first, from the bottom step up, often using "pocket rods" to hold the back of the tread tight to the riser.  If the liner is to attach to a plastic stair insert, it is usually temporarily weighted to hold the liner tightly to the wall. 

The installer then places a strong vacuum, designed specifically for installation of swimming pool liners, between the wall and liner, and vacuums the liner into place.  After a short time, the liner should be conformed perfectly to the shape of the pool, except for perhaps a small  strip along the bottom of the wall.  

  MORE about in-ground liner installation ]


Choosing Your New In Ground Vinyl Pool Liner

    Choosing an In-Ground Liner shouldn't be too difficult, really, although I  occasionally  have had a customer or two who made it hard on themselves.  Of Course, you want something that looks nice, and generally doesn't clash with the house and decor of the yard, but much more important is the quality of the liner, and it's proper fit.  There is the matter of thickness, step options, UV treatment, bead type, and other considerations. There are lots of patterns out there, some of them pretty stunning,  but be aware that  sometimes, specific pattern pattern can cost extra. 

    So I say first of all, for quality and other reasons,  Buy American!  Let A-Pro Services help you choose the best pattern for your taste and budget.  There's a lot more info about choosing new pool liner at this page:

Choosing Your New Liner


Choosing a Vinyl Pool Liner Installer

    How do you know that the swimming pool liner installer that you are considering hiring is the right one?  First, do a little research.  A-Pro Services is a highly reputed and trustworthy company, but how do you, the consumer, verify our reputation?  You can't just take our word for it, because, here in Oklahoma, every time a storm comes along, there are roofing, fencing, and, yes, pool companies that spring up from out of state, make the fast buck and disappear.  You want a company that has been here a while, and who has a good reputation.  To check out A-Pro Services, you can click the BBB logo, or the "Our Reputation" link on any page.

For more about checking out an installer in general, here's our page:   

   Checking out an Installer


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Caring For Your Liner

   Since Your new liner is a significant expense, it's important to know how to make it last as long as possible.  While there are a lot of variables that effect how long a pool liner will last, there are some basic things a homeowner can do to preserve and protect it.  Most are fairly obvious, but for the beginner, this page will help to give you the basic idea, and of course, when we install your new liner, we will give you all the paperwork, which usually includes the guide from manufacturer containing tips on care and maintenance of their product.  For some tips on vinyl liner care, visit our page:      

Caring for Your Liner



The Basics of Swimming Pool Chemistry

   Just like the first time driving a car - especially if it was a stick shift, swimming pool care and water chemistry can seem a bit confusing, at first, but with a little practice, and a firm grip of the concept, pretty soon, it just becomes second nature.
There are 4 major components to Swimming pool water care: Sanitation, Corrosiveness, Cleanliness, and Clarity. Only if the pool water is in proper chemical balance, can the the filtration system effectively take care of the other two. While there a lot of possible complications to swimming pool chemistry, the average homeowner just needs to know the basics - the rest can be learned on a "need to know" basis. We'll cover those basics of pool chemistry here, and A-Pro Services will be happy to help with all the rest.

To learn a little about basic pool chemistry,  Check out our page about: 

Pool Water Chemistry



Above Ground Liners

There  are three major basic types of Above Ground Liners.  Overlap, Beaded, and J-hung. Generally, if you have a flat bottomed pool, you can use either type. with some considerations.  Until fairly recently, the most common has been the overlap.  They are generally cheaper, but are more work to install.     Since there is no defined water line, they usually do not have a pattern at the top unless it is an overall pattern.  Beaded and J-hung liners usually have a tile pattern, or some other decoration, around the top of the liner, because the point where the liner is attached to the pool wall is absolutely defined.

If your pool previously had an overlap liner, you can usually change to the other types, as long as the pool has a flat bottom, and a proper cove at the bottom of the wall.  No modification is required to install a J-Hung liner, but you still have to remove the top rails and stabilizer rails to install it - all at once.  In Oklahoma, you need to have plenty of help, because the pool is very vulnerable in the wind without top rails.  A better choice,  if you are installing the liner yourself with limited help, is to install a bead receiver, and use a beaded liner.  You only have to take the top rails and stabilizer rails off once, and not all at once.  The next time the liner is replaced, you don't even have to take the top rails off at all! This is, by far, the easiest to install, if you already have the receiver in place.

If you have any deep area in the pool at all, you are pretty much confined to a custom liner, or more commonly, an expandable liner, which, by nature, are overlap liners, which are stretched into place.    

[ Above Ground Liners ]


Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner Installation

As I mentioned above, there are three basic types of above ground liners:   Overlap, J-hung, and Beaded.  There also "unibead" liners which can be installed either as j-hung or V-bead.  The type of liner being installed determines how it is installed, so if you are not sure which type you have refer to the  Above Ground Liner page (above) to learn more about types of  above ground liners. 

   Most above ground pools come with instructions, but not so with replacement liners. We're working on this page to give the do-it-yourselfer a few pointers on how above ground liners are installed, because in some cases, an improperly fitted or incorrectly installed liner can cause the pool to collapse!  Sometimes this can happen suddenly, and catastrophically. Other times, it is slow and almost cartoon-like.  Either way, it is expensive!  I haven't figured out exactly the right wording to thoroughly explain each installation method, but until I do, please feel free to call or e-mail us, we will help if we can.  Also, we have manufacturers instruction PDF's available on this page:

More About:   Above Ground Liner Installation 


     From the bottom of our hearts, we say Thank You to our customers for allowing us to provide the very best in American Made vinyl swimming pool liners at fair prices.   Thanks to you, we are able to work directly with the best American liner manufacturers, for better pricing, speed, and accuracy.  Thank you for buying American... Our country needs it.

    Thank You for telling others about us, Thank You for writing reviews, and

 Thank You for Choosing A-Pro!

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   About Us and Our Websites:

    Years ago, we decided that, while we need to make a living, there is more to being in business than just profit.  We decided that we would offer the highest quality products, and be diligent in seeing that the customer gets the most for their money by taking the time to do the job right.  We won't retire (or even ever see) the Bahamas, but we will know that we have made an honest living through hard work.  We can't always be the cheapest, but we will always strive to see that our customers get our best!

    Our websites are designed to be user friendly, and this site will explain everything you need to know about purchasing and installing your new liner.  Our other sites, linked under the heading of "Other General Topics" are to help you learn about other related things.  Highlights of each topic are given on the home page, with links to more specific details.  We hope that you find our sites very helpful, and, if you need a break, visit "Crazy Chester" for a silly joke and a subject-related tip!



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