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"When You want it done right...Call A-Pro!"

   ..... Now, wait a minute, here!  This just a sorry excuse for a commercial!  You led me to believe there would be humor, here! 

Well, every once in a while, Ol' Crazy Chester does have some real handy tips and info....

      If by some chance he does, he'll  tell you about it below:

Crazy Chester PoolRepairOKC
   Crazy Chester Sez: 

     Did you really

         just click me?!

Well, I guess I did promise some mild humor...

I bet you won't click me again!

 A-Pro Services

   Your Pool and Spa Service Company


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Chester's Tip:

Crazy Chester shows up on various pages, and if you click on him, he takes you to a page with a silly joke or observation.  From each Crazy Chester page, you can either click him again, or go back to the page you are on.  If you click on  Crazy Chester from here,  then the "take me back"  link, you'll go back to PoolRepairOKC.com, but on a different page, that being what ever page Ol' Crazy Chester was shootin' his mouth off about at the time........

Sometimes, he accidentally has something useful to say about a subject, and, if he does, this is where he says it.  It might be a helpful tip related to the page you clicked him from, or maybe just some more nonsense.  The Content on Crazy Chester pages will change more frequently than the main pages.

If you were to click on him on every page, then click the "back to the sight" link,  he'll walk you through the website, one step, one pair of rolled eyes at a time....