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In-ground Pool Liner Repair

Installation and Replacement OKC area

   A-Pro Services, Your Pool and Spa Service Company in Central Oklahoma, repairs swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs in the Oklahoma City area including OKC Edmond Moore Mustang Yukon

    Among our specialties is the installation and replacement of inground vinyl swimming pool liners.  We have an entire very good website dedicated to that - PoolLinerOKC.com - So the information here will be mostly about repairs. 

    For example, we get calls regularly from customers who need to have a small hole patched in their liner.  We could easily make a service call, and charge a hundred bucks (some are charging a lot more than that!), but it is something the homeowner can do, for about ten dollars.  That's the sort of thing this site is for.  Sure, if you want to pay us, we'll take the money.... But there's nothing wrong with just helping people, either.

In Ground Liner Repair Replacement and Installation

   As noted above, we have an entire website dedicated to swimming pool liners, so, other than repairs, we will limit ourselves to the basics about pool liners on this site.  All of our OKC series sites are well interconnected, and the pages about  inground liner replacement start on this linked page:

PoolLinerOKC.com/in-ground pool liners.htm

   There are also pages there where you can read about how inground liners are installed, how to choose a liner, and you can look at different brands and patterns of inground liners. 

   Proper care, cleaning, and chemistry play a critical role in how long a liner lasts.    A-Pro services has become so popular as in-ground liner replacement specialists that we don't have as much time as we used to for cleaning and opening pools.  But since our customers pay us well for our expertise when it comes to replacing their liner, we want the liner to last a long time.  That means knowing how to properly care for the pool. While this site is mainly about repairs , another of our sites, PoolServiceOKC.com ,  is about care, cleaning, maintenance and chemistry. there is also a good liner care page on the liner site.

   In ground pool liners come in many styles, thicknesses, and quality levels, and prices can vary widely.  Usually, you pretty much get what you pay for, so going cheap is not usually a good idea. But the most expensive is not always necessarily the best, either.  

   Some liners have built into them UV protection, to help protect the liner from sun damage.  Most companies charge extra for it, including one of the manufacturers we use.  Other liner manufacturers, like GLI, build it into their product without making a big fuss about it.  Sometimes, it is sort of like undercoating used to be on a car.  It is already there, it's just a matter of whether the dealer can get you to pay extra for it!  Personally, I haven't seen that it makes as much difference to the life of the liner as some manufacturers would have you believe, so I wouldn't pay 30% extra for it, I would just go with a dealer that I trust, and buy from a manufacturer that includes it.

In Ground Vinyl Liner Pool Leaks

   The most common issue with inground vinyl liners, from a repair standpoint, is leaks.  If you know where the leak is, and it is in the vinyl, it's easy! You just buy a repair kit from your local pool store, and you can repair the leak even under water. one thing about these kits, though, is that the vinyl that comes in them is pretty lousy.  Most places, if you by the glue in a can, rather than the little tube kit, they will give you a piece of liner for the asking.  also, if you have your liner replaced, keep the pieces that were cut out for the skimmer, main drain steps, etc as patching material.  Always cut your patches round or oval, because squared corners tend to curl up and come loose.  After you have made your repair, seal the lid on the glue can tightly.  We always tighten it with a small channel lock pliers.

  If you can't find a leak in the liner itself, it can be more of a challenge.  We're working a page about finding and fixing leaks so we won't get to far into it here.  One thing to remember is that just because the pool is vinyl, don't necessarily blame the liner.  I once had a customer who had another company replace their liner, because of a leak, even though it was only 4 years old.  Later that same season, the pool started leaking worse than ever.  The customer couldn't get help from the people who replaced the liner, and by the company's attitude, it appeared they must have done something wrong.  The customer was considering having us replace the liner again, then dealing with the last guy.  When I got there, the liner looked really nice, and was well in place, so I started checking around.  At the equipment area, I noticed that there was water coming out of the waste line.  I replaced the gasket in the filter backwash valve, and the leak was no more! 

   The company that replaced the liner could have gained a lot of customer satisfaction by getting the answer to one simple question:  Does the pool leak more with the pump running, or with it off.  If it leaks more with the pump running, the leak is either in the equipment, or in the return lines.  If it leaks more with the pump off, it is in the skimmer, main drain, or other suction lines.  The answer to that one simple question would have told them that the leak was not in the liner.

   So what if it makes absolutely no difference whether the pump is running?  Then the leak is most likely in the "vessel".  Notice that I didn't say in the liner.  There are a number of other places where a leak can be.  Anywhere that the liner attaches to the pool - steps, returns, skimmer, main drain, etc.  Are there any cracked faceplates?  are the screws tight and not stripped out?  Steps and lights are actually the most common sources of leaks.  The steps, because there are so many screws on a thin strip where the liner is attached, it's easy to strip them out.  The pool won't necessarily leak right away, if the installer used silicone to attach the gaskets.  then the silicone degrades, and the leak develops.  Another very common place for a leak is in a conventional light assembly.  The light is encased in a sealed pod.  This pod is held into the niche with a single screw at the top, and a hook at the bottom.  The cord then passes into a conduit at the back of the niche, and goes to the electrical supply.  The conduit can rust out, and water runs down and out through the conduit.  The easy fix is to seal around the cord where it goes into the conduit.

   There are dyes available (and that you can make) to help find leaks.  The idea is to turn the pump off, and get the water perfectly calm.  Then you squirt a small amount of the dye near a suspected leak (around the step screws for example), and watch to see if it gets sucked in.  If it does, you have confirmed a leak. 

   There are also leak detection companies, but they are pretty pricey!  That's probably enough about that on this page, there will be more about it on the "leak" page when it gets finished, but for now, feel free to call us if you need more help. 

Liner Coming Out At The Top

   The liner is attached at the top by means of a track, known as a bead receiver, which holds a bead that is made into the top of the liner.  There are A-welts, and D beads, and a few others, named for their shapes.  The D bead is the heavier of the two, but they both work the same way.  The bead slides into the track,  and hooks on a lip made into the track.  The track is horizontal, so when the pool is filled, the weight of the water is actually what holds the bead in the track.  Often. a vinyl wedge, called liner lock, or bead lock. is used as isurance.  It wedges into the track above the bead to make sure the liner can't come out.

   Sometimes, if the liner was installed in a dirty or damaged track, and especially if liner liock was not used, it can come out.  Putting it back in usually requires that the water level be lowered in the pool, so that there is not as much weight on the bead, and to allow the liner to stretch over a longer vertical area.    You can gently use a hair dryer, if needed, to warm the liner a little, to make it more pliable, but don't over do it.


In ground Pool Liner Floated

   Here in Oklahoma, we often have long periods of drought, followed by some big rains.  we also get a few earthquakes.  The droughts and quakes cause channels underground, water uses these channels for drainage.  If your pool gets in the way, since there is more water pressure under the liner than on it, it will float.  Most people get stressed out when they see their liner floating, and sometimes it is for good reason.  But, most of the time, the liner can be put back in place with little harm.  Timing is everything, if you are hiring someone to put your liner back in place.  If you do it too soon, it will float again.  If you wait too long, the pool will have to be emptied.  Sometimes, if you do nothing, the liner will go right back into place on it's own, or it may go back with wrinkles.  Little wrinkles are not really a big deal, so in Oklahoma, we usually wait until the rainy season is over to fix them, so we only do it once.  Now, for the bad news.  Sometimes, if the liner is older, or not well cared for, it will tear or shatter, and there is nothing you can do except replace it.

Replacing an In-ground Vinyl Liner

   Proper care, cleaning, and chemistry play a critical role in how long a liner lasts.  While this site is about repair and installation, another of our sites, PoolServiceOKC.com ,  is about care, cleaning, maintenance and chemistry. 

   In ground pool liners come in many styles, thicknesses, and quality levels, and prices can vary widely.  Usually, you pretty much get what you pay for, so going cheap is not usually a good idea. But the most expensive is not always necessarily the best, either. Sometimes there are good reasons not to choose a thicker liner, and reasons why you might pick one pattern over another.

   There is also much more information and pattern choices at our liner site.




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