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   A-Pro Services, Your Pool and Spa Service Company, repairs swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs in the Oklahoma City area, including OKC Edmond Yukon Mustang Moore

   This page about above ground liner repair on PoolRepairOKC.com  is presented from the repairman's point of view, to help above ground pool owners fix minor problems.  While I can't explain everything on this page, maybe I can help by at least explaining a few things.   We hope you enjoy this site, and find it useful!  


Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners

   While Above Ground pools cost less than in ground pools, and the liners cost less, it is still an important purchase, and the life expectancy of  above ground liners is about the same as in ground pool liners.  All the things that give an in ground liner it's longevity also apply to above ground pools: Fit, Preparation, installation, and post-installation care.

   One thing that makes above ground pool liners less expensive is the fact that they come in standard shapes and sizes, so they can be mass produced.  Whereas In ground liners re custom fitted to the pool, above ground pools are constructed to use standard sizes of liners.  Even pools with deep areas use special, expandable bottom liners, but they are still stock liners to fit  a specific size pool. 

   There are several types of above ground liners, with and without patterns, with varying wall heights and methods of installation.  The measurements and type of installation will determine the patterns and styles available.  In this section we will discuss the types of liners, methods of installation, how to tell the difference, and tips for successful installation. 


    Above ground swimming pools are very popular in Oklahoma, not just because they are cheaper, but because they are moveable.  When selling a house, a pool is not necessarily a plus.  Some people simply don't want a swimming pool, for various reasons, so having a pool will keep some from even looking at a house.  Above ground pools can be removed at a relatively low cost, and set up at the new house, if desired.  When installed with a deck, the better quality above ground pools are  just as functional as an in ground pool, with a few considerations and exceptions:  YOU MUST NOT JUMP OR DIVE IN AN ABOVE GROUND POOL!  Not only is the water too shallow, the walls are not designed to take the impact.  Picture what happens when a 250 pound person does a "cannonball" and you can easily see what I mean! 

Some Common Repairs

    Most above ground liners need little in the way of repairs, except for  the occasional hole.  As with inground liners, though, just because the pool is leaking does not mean there is a hole in the liner.  Often, above ground pools in Oklahoma are installed hastily, by installers who don't get paid enough to do the job right.  Big stores often hire subcontractors, and whoever will do it the cheapest gets the job.  Consequently, they may not take the time to seal the skimmer and return fittings properly, nor build a proper cove.  I have seen some installations where the installer actually built the entire pool on fill sand.  I hate to be negative, but I don't see how that kind of idiot can stay in business. 

    If the pool is leaking at the skimmer, you can usually just tighten it with a Phillips screw driver.  Don't ignore it, because water is likely running down both the inside and the outside of the wall.  It can rust out your wall surprisingly quickly.  The same is true of the return fitting.  Usually, the return fitting is a bulkhead fitting. Tighten the nut on the outside of the wall.  Sometimes, the outside piece that the hose connects to is the nut.  In this case, you can usually turn the inside piece to tighten it.  If you have the Aqualiminator light, you may have to take the bulb out to tighten the fitting.  Do not use the nut that holds the bulb in.  that nut should be finger tight.

Liner coming off the wall

   This is a pretty serious problem, usually caused by having too much stretch on the liner.  If it is a beaded liner, you may be able to put it back in track an lock it in with liner loc.  If it is either an overlap or j-hung liner, you have to remove top rails to put it back in place, if it can be done at all.

Repairing Holes in Liners

   The biggest problem with repairing a tear or hole in a liner is usually in finding it.  With all the jazzy patterns that they have these days, they can hide pretty well.   Of course, they dont show up on a nice hot day, when you have nothing to do, and you're just looking for a reason to get in the pool.  but, if all else fails, get in the pool you must.  You probably know this already, but you can hold your goggles just under the water and see pretty well without getting in the pool.  all you have to do is break the surface.  Of, course, once you do see the leak, you probably have to get in to fix it (assuming you don't have a kid that you can trick into doing it). 

   Before you spend hours and drive yourself crazy looking for a pin hole, take a minute to think about whether there is any reason to be sure that the leak is not elsewhere.  Consider the temperature wind, and usage of the pool.  Is there a wet area outside the pool?  If it is near the skimmer or return, check to see if the wall is wet. if so, repair as needed.  It is not uncommon for skimmers and return fittings to begin to leak as they get older and the gaskets begin to dry out.  Is there water near the equipment area, indicating that the pump seal is leaking?  Is there any water coming out the waste port?

   Other signs to help locate a leak are depressions or soft spots in the floor of the pool, or just outside the wall.  Also, if the pool is a bit dusty, look for "streamer" patterns in the dust, indicating that there is water escaping through the hole.  If there is a ladder in the pool look under and behind carefully for small pinholes.  Follow the bottom of the wall around the cove to check for holes, because this is actually where most holes appear.

   If you do find a leak in the liner, it is an easy fix.  Patch kits are fairly cheap at any pool store or the big chain store, and come with instructions.  They do work under water.  Be sure to wear goggles, and possibly a hair net.  The glue is pretty nasty to the eyes. and seems to have a natural affinity for the hair.







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