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Pool Pump Repair OKC

Edmond Moore Mustang Yukon Piedmont

   A-Pro Services, Your Pool and Spa Service Company, repairs swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs in the Oklahoma City area, including OKC Edmond Yukon Mustang Moore

   Our specialties include  replacement and installation of  inground vinyl liners pool safety covers, as well as pump and other equipment repairs.

   This page about pump repair on PoolRepairOKC.com  is presented from the repairman's point of view, to explain different types of pumps, how pool pumps work.  While I can't explain everything on this page, maybe I can help by at least explaining a few things to check before you pay a repairman.   We hope you enjoy this site, and find it useful!

Swimming Pool Pump Repair

   Swimming pool pumps are , in a way, the heart of your pool circulation system.  It is the component that moves the water from the pool , through the filtration , heating, and any water treatment systems, and returns the water to the pool.  There are valves that determine where the water is coming from and going to, but that's on a different subject, also covered on this site, under plumbing .

   Despite different outward appearance, all swimming pool pumps work basically the same way.  They are what is known as centrifugal pumps.  There are different pump designs for different purposes.  A pump designed for an above ground pool should not be used for an in ground pool.  Most above ground pumps are designed for flooded suction, where all in ground pumps need to be self priming.

   Swimming pool pumps are selected and sized with several factors in mind, including the size of the pool, and gallons per minute of water flow needed.  Also taken into consideration is the type and designed flow rate of the filter, heater, plumbing, and other factors.  Bigger is not always better, and it is wise to consult a flow chart and consider all factors when choosing a swimming pool pump. 

   Common Pump Repair calls


Pump Will Not Run

    I know that I  am not writing this for children, so I will assume that before calling a repairman, you have checked the obvious:  Is the switch or timer on, is the breaker tripped, etc., and assume that there is actually something wrong with the pump.  Beyond that, there are some simple things you should know when you do need to call a repairman. 

   Do you mean that the pump won't run, or that it won't move water?  Did it stop running, or did it fail to start after it was turned off?  Does it hum for a few seconds when you try to turn it on, or does it do nothing at all?  Was it louder than normal before it quit working?  What kind of pump is it?  Sometimes, all the labels are gone, and there is nothing there to identify it.  Well, actually, there is.  What color is the pump?  Is it held together by bolts, or a band clamp?  Is the basket round, or square?  Does the basket twist lock in place, or does it just drop in?  Does the lid clamp on, or screw on?  These are a few of the questions that can help an experienced repairman identify your pump and possible causes of failure.     Sometimes, if a pump just hums for a few seconds and then is silent, it is a simple matter of replacing a start capacitor. It's a fairly inexpensive part. On the other hand, if the pump is running but not moving water, it may be a simple clog, or the impeller may be stripped out. In that case, knowing what pump you have is especially important, in order to bring the right part. At A-Pro Services, our trucks are very well stocked, but we can't possibly have every possible part on every truck. The more you can tell the repairman, the more likely it is that he can diagnose and fix it in one trip. This helps us to schedule more efficiently, and keep our cost per call lower, which saves you money. 

Pump Leaking

   Leaking pumps are one of the most frequent calls we get, and I am surprised by how many people think that that means they need a new pump.  Unfortunately, many in our industry would do just that.  It seems that no-one wants to fix anything, any more, just replace it.  It makes the company more money, and is faster.  That just doesn't make sense to me.  Usually, when a pump is leaking, it is because of a worn or damaged pump seal.  This is an inexpensive part, but you have to take the pump apart to fix it.  It is a mechanical  spring seal that spins with the impeller, and seals the gap between the impeller and the shaft.  People often think that the pump housing is cracked, because the water runs out from under the middle of the pump, and it is hard to see where it is coming from. Replacing the seal is usually not that difficult, but if you don't know what you're doing, you can break more parts than it would cost to have an experienced repairman do it.  Different pumps come apart differently, so I won't try to explain them all here.  If you need to do it yourself, you can call us, and if you know exactly what pump you have, we will explain it to you, and tell you what seal you need.  All of our trucks carry the correct seals for common pumps, and the tools to change them.

Pump Running Really Loud

    Usually, when a pump is really loud, it is the bearings.   The bearings are on the shaft, near the ends of the motor.  In order to replace them, the entire motor has to be disassembled.  special tools are required, and for most people, this job is best left to the professional.  Most of the time, the motor can be taken apart and the bearings replaced without incident, but if you wait too long, or allow the pump to leak too long, there can be complications.  Lettint the pump leak too long can corrode the bolts that hold the motor together, and they break off in the end plate.  End plates are expensive, and unique to each model of motor.  We keep many of them in stock at the shop.  Bearings should be replaced ass soon as possible after the start to get noisy, because if you wait too long, the bearing can seize, and begin to spin in the housing, again ruining the end plate. 



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