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Pool Chemical Systems Repair

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A-Pro Services, Your Pool and Spa Service Company in Central Oklahoma, repairs swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs in the Oklahoma City area. 

Our specialties include  In Ground Vinyl Liner replacement and safety cover installation, well as swimming pool chemical components and other component repair.

This page about chemical systems on  Pool Repair OKC .com   is presented from the repairman's point of view,  to explain different kinds of systems, how they work.    We hope you enjoy this site, and find it useful!


Swimming Pool Chemical Systems


      Most things related to automated pool chemistry  are pretty easy to repair,  if you know how the work.  Often, in the case of the really sophisticated things, it's a matter of just replacing a module.  Sometimes it is just a matter of cleaning a salt cell, or replacing an o-ring.  So is that really a repair, or is it maintenance?   .... I don't know.  But at the risk of duplicate content, we'll talk a little about these things!

   Standard chlorinators come is several varieties. but, generally, they are either inline chlorinators, or offline chlorinators.  An inline chlorinator is either glued or screwed to the plumbing, as the last component before the water returns to the pool.  This is because chlorine tablets are acidic, and therefore corrosive. A check valve needs to be used inline before the chlorinator, to keep corrosive water from flowing backward and damaging the heater or filter control valve.  The application rate is regulated using a knob that controls how much water flows over the tablets.  From time to time, usually after several years, the control valve may become corroded, and need to be cleaned or replaced.  Other than that, or he occasional lid o-ring, there isn't much to go wrong with an inline automatic chlorinator.

   Offline chlorinators are similar in function, except that they are free standing, and the controls are external.  These chlorinators use the pressure differential of the filter to force water through tubes that connect to the plumbing.  The inlet is connected to the pressure line between the pump and filter, with a check valve to keep chemicals from running back into the pump.  The regulator valve screws into the side of the tablet canister. The water returns to the plumbing after all other components, just before the water returns to the pool.  Again, control valve and o-ring, plus make sure the check valve is good.

Salt Systems

   The popularity of salt systems waxes and wanes, but  there are plenty of them out there.  Despite all the sales puffery, the one real advantage of salt systems is that you don't have to handle hazardous chlorine tablets.  If you have ever accidentally gotten a whiff of a chlorinator when you take the lid off, you know just what I mean.  Not to mention accidentally wiping your tablet-touching hand to your Sunday suit! 

   When you use a salt system as a sanitizer, it is still chlorine that does the sanitizing.  The salt cell separates the sodium in the salt from the chlorine.  The result is free chlorine and sodium hydroxide, a caustic.  After leaving the cell, the sodium chlorine recombine to become salt again.  Periodically, the salt cell needs too be cleaned by soaking in a mild acid solution.  This is something the homeowner can usually do, but other repairs should be left to the professionals.

Silver Systems

Silver systems use silver oxide as a sanitizer.  They are intended as a supplement to chlorine, not a replacement.  The objective is to dramatically reduce the amount of chlorine needed to maintain the proper levels in the water.  The cells are disposable, most calling for the cells to be replaced after somewhere between 3 months or every year.  Other than that, there isn't much to fix on silver systems.

Ozone Systems

   Ozone is an effective sanitizer, but it has a short life.  For that reason, it, too, is considered a supplement, and not a stand alone.  You can easily recognize ozone by it's smell.  It is that clean, almost sweet, fresh smell that is in the air after an electrical storm.  Actually, that is one of the ways it is produced in an ozone generator.  Less expensive ozone generators use an ultraviolet light bulb.  As air passes over the bulb, ozone is produced.  This ozone is then mix with water for a short time, and rises to the surface and dissipates once it reaches the pool.  Corona discharge ozone generators work the same way, except that the ozone is created by making an arc across two specifically designed electrodes.  The bulbs and electrodes are usually replaceable, as are the injectors that mix the water and air.



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