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Swimming Pool Repair in Central Oklahoma

   A-Pro Services, Your Pool and Spa Service Company in Central Oklahoma, repairs swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs in the Oklahoma City area. 

   Our specialties include  In Ground Vinyl Liner replacement, and Safety Cover sales, and installation, as well as  equipment repairs for pumps, filters, heaters, components, and plumbing.

   The information here on PoolServiceOKC.com deals with things all pool owners should know about caring for a swimming pool, even if you use a pool company for maintenance service.   We hope you enjoy our sites, and find them useful!

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It's not just any pool...  It's Your Pool!

   This site is intended to help new pool owners learn about cleaning and maintenance. It is not a site where we sell things, it's just provided as a customer service.

   It is actually more time-effective and cost-effective, both in short term and long term, to properly maintain a pool.  Clean, balanced pools last longer, and require less chemicals an work, and are certainly more enjoyable!  It's sort of akin to how much easier it is to buy a car tire before it blows out on the freeway in rush hour, possibly taking a chunk of your fender with it.  Even if you decide to use a pool company's services, every pool owner should know how the pool works, and how to care for it.  Using a service should be a choice, not a necessity.  Even if you do chose to hire a pool service, you need to know enough to be able to tell whether they are doing their job.  To them, its just another pool.  But it's not just any pool...  It's Your Pool!

   This site is about swimming pool service, care, and maintenance in the Oklahoma City Area.  We have other sites, which are linked here, about liners, covers, repairs, and much more, but here we will just focus on the basics of everyday pool care, cleaning, and maintenance. Please forgive that we may sometimes over explain the obvious, or under explain the complicated, as our goal is to help pool and spa owners, especially those without prior experience, learn the basics of swimming pool care, and to get the most enjoyment from the pool without breaking the bank.    We hope you find these sites filled with helpful information.    When you do need professional help with your swimming pool or spa,  we invite you to choose A-Pro Services

Types of Pools

There are basically two types of swimming pools, and within that several sub-types.  All pools, regardless of their type, have the same general properties, and the same needs:  cleaning, chemistry, and filtration.  We will discuss the basics of each of those aspects.

In-Ground Pools

In-ground swimming pools, ( also termed "inground" or "in ground" ) are permanent, irremovable structures, which, as the name implies, are built into the ground.  They are made sometimes of concrete and plaster or "gunite".  In Oklahoma, there are also many in-ground swimming pools which are installed as packages, with vinyl liners, and, becoming ever more popular, fiberglass pools.  Some people bury above ground pools completely or partially in the ground, but that doesn't make them in-ground pools.  These pools are designed to be built on top of the ground, and have little strength against pressure from outside the wall.  We'll discuss them  under another heading.

In-ground concrete pools are custom built, and usually the most expensive, but also the most versatile.  Just about any shape or feature you would want can be built into a concrete pool, including vanishing edges, and elaborate waterfalls. 

In-ground vinyl lined pools are the most popular here in Oklahoma, because they are  much less expensive to build, often easier to clean, and, with proper installation and care, last just as long as concrete pools.      

   [ More about In-Ground Pool Types ]


Above Ground Pools

Above ground swimming pools are very popular in Oklahoma, not just because they are cheaper, but because they are moveable.  When selling a house, a pool is not necessarily a plus.  Some people simply don't want a swimming pool, for various reasons, so having a pool will keep some from even looking at a house.  Above ground pools can be removed at a relatively low cost, and set up at the new house, if desired.  When installed with a deck, the better quality above ground pools are  just as functional as an in ground pool, with a few considerations and exceptions:  YOU MUST NOT JUMP OR DIVE IN AN ABOVE GROUND POOL!  Not only is the water too shallow, the walls are not designed to take the impact.  Picture what happens when a 250 pound person does a "cannonball" and you can easily see what I mean! 

The other main drawback to above ground pools is that the equipment is not usually as good as with in ground pools.  Often, even with higher quality pools, there is only one skimmer, and it is fairly small.  This is partly because of the amount of weight that a large skimmer would put on the wall of an above ground pool.  Since skimmers are placed at water level to remove debris from the surface, too much weight tends to try to bend the wall.  Since water flow is limited by the number of intakes, you should not use a pool pump that is designed for an in ground pool on an above ground pool.

There are some really cheap above ground pools, like those that have the blow up ring around the top, and honestly, the equipment is sometimes just pathetic.  You cannot vacuum the pool with it, because you will burn up the pump.  But these pools serve a purpose....the get you wet! 

     [ MORE about above ground pools ]


Pool Equipment - Pumps, Filters, Circulation and Accessories

The circulation system for swimming pools can be compared to  the circulation system of the human body.  It is critical to the life of the pool.  The pump, the heart of the system, moves water from the pool skimmers, main drain, and other intakes, through pipes.  The water passes through a filter, and is returned to the pool.  Pretty simple, right?  A lot of other simple, but important things may also be going on, and usually some service needed.  Most routine maintenance services can be performed by the average homeowner. Even if you choose to have the convenience of weekly maintenance services by a professional, you still need to know the basics.

The Basics of Swimming Pool Service

There are four basic components to pool care and service, from a homeowner standpoint.  Mechanical - how does your swimming pool filtration system work?  Chemistry - is the water in balance, and safe to swim?  Cleanliness - how do you keep the pool clean?  Safety - the most important thing of all!  These things, all working together, and well maintained, make owning a pool a pleasure.  Ignored, any one of them can cause a disaster!

Mechanical - Swimming pool filtration systems are fairly easy to understand, once you know the terminology.  Skimmers and main drains are suction fittings.  Skimmers, as the name implies, skim the surface to remove leaves, debris, and oils from the top of the water. Main drains are suction fittings at the bottom of the pool, but unlike their name, their main purpose is not to drain the pool.                    [ MORE about Mechanical ]

Chemistry - The Basics of Swimming Pool Chemistry

Just like the first time driving a car -  especially if it was a stick shift, swimming pool care and water chemistry can seem a bit confusing, at first, but with a little practice, and a firm grip of the concept, pretty soon, it just becomes second nature. 

There are 4 major components to Swimming pool water care:  Sanitation, Corrosiveness, Cleanliness, and  Clarity.  Only if the pool water is in proper chemical balance, can the the filtration system effectively take care of the other two.  While there a lot of possible complications to swimming pool chemistry, the average homeowner just needs to know the basics - the rest can be learned on a "need to know" basis.  We'll cover those basics of pool chemistry here, and A-Pro Services  will be happy to help with all the rest.


Chlorine and other Halogens - Still the most widely used, and, when used properly, the most  over all cost efficient, chlorine has been used as an effective swimming pool water sanitizer since the dawn of swimming pools.  A properly chlorinated pool should not have a strong chlorine odor,  nor should it burn the eyes.  Having too much chlorine in the water is just as bad as not enough.  What usually causes chlorinated pools to be harsh is that there is not enough of the right kind of chlorine.  Free chlorine is chlorine in the water that available to kill contaminates.  Combined chlorine is chlorine which has already been used, but remains in the water.           

   [ More about Swimming Pool Chemistry ]

The Basics of Swimming Pool  Care and Cleaning

How the Pool Works

The first rule of swimming pool care and cleaning is to keep the water in chemical balance.  To learn about swimming pool water care, use the link above above.

Your pool has a pump and filter, along with other components, to help keep your pool sparkling clean and beautiful.  The pump moves water from the pool through skimmers, main drains, and other suction fittings. Skimmers are situated at the water line to remove debris from the top of the water.  There is a basket in the skimmer, to collect larger debris, like leaves, and a weir, or flap, to keep the debris from going back into the pool when the pump is not running.  Other suction fittings, like the main drain, or bottom suction, have protective covers to keep out large debris, and are shaped to prevent human entrapment.  There is another basket in the pump, called a strainer, to catch any of the larger debris that gets past the suction fittings.  The water is then passed through the pool filter, and returned to the pool through return fittings.  These may be small inlets in the sides of the pool, or other features like water falls, or floor cleaning systems.  There are often diverter valves at the pump inlet and on the return lines, to control how much water flow is coming from or going to each. 

visit our page, [ How pools work ] to  learn more about how swimming pool equipment works. 

Cleaning the Pool

You might think of the pool as an underwater, outdoor room with no roof.  The floor gets dirty,  and needs to be vacuumed, the filters need to be cleaned from time to time, and the walls get dirty, too.  The pool should be vacuumed periodically, usually weekly.  Baskets should be kept clean, and when leaves are falling, the surface needs to be skimmed regularly by hand, because the skimmer baskets can only hold so much.  I have always said that to care for a swimming pool, most pool owner should spend five minutes per day, plus 1/2 to 1 hour per week.   Weekly maintenance services are available, and those services, or a reliable automatic cleaner, can take the place of the hour per week.  They are not, however, a substitute for the five minutes per day. 

Every day, you should check to see that the skimmer baskets are not full, that the filtration system is working and not leaking or noisy, that the filter pressure is not to high (normally, if the skimmers(s) are working well, the filter pressure is fine) skim the surface if it needs it, and do a quick chemical test and adjust as needed.

Vacuuming the Pool

Every pool should have at least one long, telescoping pole, with dip net and vacuum head that attach to it.  A long vacuum hose is attached to the vacuum head.  This hose is about 1 1/2  in inner diameter, and long enough to reach from the skimmer to the furthest point in the pool.  The vacuum head, with hose and pole attached, are lowered into the water. The hose should be fed into the water slowly, so that the hose fills completely with water.  The hose is then connected, usually using a vacuum adaptor plate, to the skimmer.    

    [ MORE about Pool Care and Cleaning ]       






Swimming Pool Service and Repair in the Oklahoma City Area

A-Pro Services, Your pool and spa service company, offers Pool Repair Spa Repair Pool Service Spa Service Pool heaters, Pool liners, inground liners, in ground liners above ground liners, safety covers, spa parts, spa motors, spa controls spa diagnostics, pool equipment, pool pumps, spa pumps, pool motors, heaters, In the Oklahoma City Area, including Bethany, Edmond, El Reno, Mustang, Moore, Yukon, Warr Acres, and Metro OKC.    zip codes include:   73003, 73008, 73013,73034, 73083, 73036, 73059, 73064, 73090,73099, 73064, 73101, 73102, 73103, 73104, 73105, 73106, 73107, 73108, 73109, 73110, 73111. 73112, 73113, 73114, 73115, 73116, 73117, 73118, 73119, 73120, 73121, 73122, 73123, 73124, 73125, 73126, 73127, 73128, 73129, 73130, 73131, 73132, 73134, 73135, 73136, 73137, 73139, 73140, 73141, 73142, 73143, 73144, 73145, 73146, 73147, 73148, 73149, 73150, 73151, 73152, 73153, 73154, 73155, 73156, 73157, 73159, 73160, 73162, 73163, 73164, 73165, 73167, 73169, 73170, 73172, 73173, 73178, 73179, 73184, 73185, 73189, 73190, 73194, 73195, 73196, 73197, 73198,