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 Due to age and health, A-Pro Services has closed. 

These pages remain here as a public service until they expire in 2023, because so many folks have found the information useful.  

  Our sincere thanks to those who made this all possible!  


Swimming Pool Liner Replacement OKC Area

   A-Pro Services sells and installs top quality, affordable in-ground swimming liners in the Oklahoma City area including  Bethany, Edmond, Moore, Mustang, Piedmont, Yukon and, occasionally, state wide. We work directly with the best swimming pool liner manufacturers in the United States to assure that our liners are the best available, that they are delivered and installed correctly, and promptly.  We can get cheap, imported liners, too, but we prefer to do business with factories that pay American workers to make American products.  Swimming pool liners are a big part of our business, so much so that we have dedicated an entire web site to them.



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Things You Should Know Before You Have Your In-ground Liner Replaced

As I mentioned above, we have an entire website dedicated to swimming pool liners, so we won't get too elaborate here.  But there are a few things you might want to know about replacing an in-ground liner, so I thought I might cover the basics here.  First, just because your in-ground liner pool is loosing water, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the liner.  Also, even if the liner is leaking, that doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be replaced.  Some homeowners find that the pool is leaking, assume that they need a new liner, and some pool companies are quick to encourage that.

It's Not Always The Liner

        I went to do an estimate on a liner replacement one time, because they had had another company out that said it needed to be replaced, along with the filter.  They wanted to at least get another estimate, to know that the price was fair.  When we got there, the owner told us that the liner was only 3 years old, and was losing about 3" of water per day.  The liner looked to be in pretty good shape, so I used my goggles to see if I could find a hole.  The pool did not have a light (the first suspect) and I couldn't see any holes.  My first thought was to have a leak detection company find the leak and patch it.  Underwater patches are available at any pool store, and are fairly cheap.  Then I asked an important question:  Does the pool leak more with the pump running, or not running?  The answer was that it seemed to leak more with the pump running.  If that were true, the leak was not in the liner.  So I investigated.   What I found was that there was a bad gasket in the sand filter, and there was water leaking out the waste port.  The backwash line was plumbed into the sewer (as it should be), and when I pulled the cap off the cleanout, I could see that there was a stream of water running from the filter.  I happened to have the gasket on my truck, so I replaced it, and the leak stopped.  I can't say whether the other company's guy knew that the filter gasket was the problem all along, all I can say is that the cleanout cap was loose.  These folks were about to spend over $4000.00, plus 25000 gallons of water, to fix the pool when they absolutely didn't need to.  Had they hired the other company to replace the liner and filter, the problem would have been solved, and they wouldn't have known the difference!  I waited a few days, and sent them a bill for about $100.00, which they gladly paid, with a generous tip!  It's been a couple of years, now, and I haven't heard from them - but I bet I will, when they need a new liner.  But I want to replace their liner when they need one, not just because I want to make some money.  I don't count that as exceptional, I call it honest.  That's how it should be.

pool needing liner    Well, Okay, this pool needs a liner!


Things To Check If Your Vinyl Lined Pool Is Leaking

    Sometimes, when a vinyl lined pool leaks, you have a hole in your liner, but not always.  A hole in a vinyl liner is no big deal, but sometimes finding the leak is.  If your pool is losing water, it doesn't mean you have to replace the liner.  In fact, unless the liner is getting old and faded, you might be wasting a lot of money, not to mention water.  Here are a few things to consider.

    If you have a sand filter, DE filter, or any other filter that has a valve, check for the problem I described above.  Also, obviously, check for leaks anywhere in the equipment area, or  unusually wet or plush spots in the grass or any planter areas around the pool.  Then, you have to consider the logical....  Did you have a pool party?   Keep in mind that in Oklahoma, heat and wind can cause a lot of evaporation, sometimes more than 1/4" per day, especially when days are very hot, and the nights are cold and windy ( ...That wouldn't ever happen here, would it?... ).

    One of our customers lives in a 2 story house on a hill, where the garage is underneath, and you go up a flight of stairs to the ground floor.  The pool is off the patio, level with the ground floor. She was starting up her vinyl lined pool in the spring, and need to add about a foot of water.  Since it's faster to use two hoses, she hooked one up at the patio, and one to the yard hydrant down by the garage, then dangled them into the pool.  She filled the pool, turned the water off, and went to bed.  The next morning, she went out to start the pool up and was shocked to find it had lost about 6" of water.  Thinking she must have been mistaken, she refilled the pool, with the same results.  She lost about 6" of water overnight.   She did this for 4 days, (!)  then called us to replace the liner.  She was sure that it was the liner, because she hadn't taken out the plugs, yet.  When I went over, my hillbilly-ness paid off.  As soon as I saw the hoses, I knew.  The ends were under water.  When you turn off a yard hydrant, water siphons underground to empty the hydrant, keeping it from freezing. She had siphoned about 2 feet of water over 4 days!  Oops.  The good news is, she didn't need a liner!

    Assuming that nothing out of the ordinary like that is going on, and that you have made a diligent effort to look for visible holes and seam separations, you can do more things to be sure that it is the "vessel" leaking, and not the plumbing.  Isolate it.  First, if the pool is up and running, test to see whether the pool leaks more when the pump is running, or with it off.  If it makes absolutely  no difference, the leak is in the vessel.  If it makes any difference either way, it is in the plumbing. 

    I used the word "vessel" above, because we still haven't narrowed it down to the liner.  Light fixtures are notorious leak areas, where the conduit runs out the back of the liner niche. A next likely culprit is the steps. Check for cracks, and whether the gaskets are leaking, where the steps attach to the vinyl.  If it needs to go that far, remove the trim and check to see that none of the screws are stripped out.  You can also use dye to see if a suspected area is leaking. Check the gaskets on the skimmers and returns.  If none of the above are successful, you may need to hire a professional to find the leak, or you may actually need to replace the liner.  

                                      More about In-Ground Vinyl Liner Replacement

    At A-Pro Services, we work hard for our money, and we know that you do, too.  Liners aren't cheap (not even the cheap ones), so we don't want you to replace your liner if you don't need to.  But if you do need to replace your liner, don't forget:           

"When you want it done right....  Call A-Pro!"

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Swimming Pool, Liners and Covers in the OKC Area

Central Oklahoma, including OKC,  Bethany, Edmond, El Reno, Del City, Midwest City, Moore, Mustang, and Yukon

  A-Pro Services is Your swimming pool, spa, and hot tub service and repair company in the Oklahoma City area. Our areas of expertise include in-ground swimming pool liner replacement,  swimming pool safety covers, and repair of pool and spa equipment including pool and spa heaters, pumps, filters, motors, controls and other equipment.  We have expert spa and hot tub service and repair technicians, and we repair and service most major brands of pools, spas, and hot tubs, pumps, motors, heaters, controls and equipment.  including Balboa, Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, Pac-fab, Rheem Sta-Rite, Sundance, Superior Spas, and Waterway.