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 Due to age and health, A-Pro Services has closed. 

These pages remain here as a public service until they expire in 2023, because so many folks have found the information useful.  

  Our sincere thanks to those who made this all possible!  


Swimming Pool Safety Covers

   A-Pro Services sells and installs top quality, affordable swimming pool safety covers in the Oklahoma City area including  Bethany, Edmond, Moore, Mustang, Piedmont, Yukon and, occasionally state wide.  Safety covers for swimming pools are a great investment for many reasons, not the least of which is safety.  But we want everyone to know that a pool safety cover should be your last line of defense, not your only protection!  The pool should be inaccessible to the public, even with the safety cover on.  Children and pets need to be taught to stay off the cover!  More about why down the page. 



Loop-Loc mesh safety cover kidney shape  

  Learning about Swimming Pool Safety Covers

   First, Let me preface by saying that even the best safety cover should not be your only line of defense when it comes to swimming pool safety.  All pools should be protected by a fence with a self-closing, self latching gate, and should be protected from the public with a privacy fence, so as not to invite trouble from outside.  While we sell pool safety covers that literally will hold up an elephant, if your pool is anywhere near full, the elephant is going to get his feet wet!  Though not likely, a child can walk onto a safety cover, trip somewhere near the middle of the pool, and land face down in a couple inches of water.  One panicked snort, and you may have a problem!  Also, remember that a safety cover is not a security cover.  Someone who is determined can get the cover - or at least part of it  - off enough to get under it.  Thrill seekers somehow get a kick from swimming or hiding under the cover.  No harm, really, I suppose, but the problem is that they will not likely have the courtesy (or the tool ) to put the cover back on.  Now they have created a burrow for a curious child or pet.  You just have to be prepared for anything, nowadays.  One other thing, which I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but I will - Never leave smaller children unattended in the back yard with a pool, even if it does have a safety cover.  Teach children and pets to stay off the cover, not just for safety when the cover is on, but to keep the pool's boundaries in their mind when the cover is off.  Especially true of pets, who sometimes like to nap on the cover or use it as a shortcut, so that they don't run off the edge when the cover is removed.  Believe it or not, this happens fairly regularly, especially with older dogs who don't see as well.


Loop-Loc swimming pool safety cover tan lazy ell

What Is A Swimming Pool Safety Cover?

    Swimming pool safety cover anchor securely to the deck or apron of the pool, and have sufficient strength to prevent people and pets from falling into the pool.  Not the retractable kind - the manufacturers will be quick to tell you that their covers are not a safety device.  Safety covers are made of flexible material, and have anchors that attach it to the apron using springs.  Not all covers that attach using anchors are safety covers, though.  In order to be considered a safety cover, a cover must meet standards for how much weight they can support, and must not be removable without a tool.  Usually, there are anchors about every 3 to 5 feet, which are set in concrete.  The anchors are flush with the concrete, until the cover is ready to be put on.  Before the cover is put on, the anchors are screwed out of the deck, usually with a hex key or screwdriver.  In order to attach the cover, a special bar, similar to a pipe with a notch cut out, is used to leverage the spring over the anchor.  There is a great deal of tension on the spring, so it cannot be easily removed without the tool.  Naturally, this means that the tension may need to be adjusted from time to time, so that it stays tight, and there is no sag to the cover.

Safety coveraround water feature

Types of Swimming Pool Safety Covers

    There are basically two types of swimming pool safety covers.  Mesh covers allow water to run through into the pool, and are almost maintenance free.  They do allow a small amount of silt to run through, which settles to the bottom as a fine layer of dust.  Because the better quality covers allow very little sunlight to pass through, algae can't grow well, so if  there is no algae present when the cover is put on, you can usually open the pool in springtime with clear water.  When you roll or fold the cover up for storage, air is able to pass through the cover, so you don't have to worry about it being perfectly dry. (Just let it finish dripping before you pile it on top of the new lawn mower!)  Because mesh covers are relatively light weight, easy to handle, and require no scrubbing, they are the most popular type of safety cover.  they are also the least expensive.

    Solid safety covers, unlike the name implies, are also made of flexible material.  Actually, a more correct name would be impermeable  (But since most of us pool guys can't spell that, we use the term solid).    The material from which these covers is made does not allow water to pass through, and virtually no sunlight gets in to the pool.  A small amount of debris can blow under the cover, but, for the most part, these pools can go a long time (even years) without growing algae.  But, in order for the cover to be considered safe, it cannot have standing water on it.  Also, if water is allowed to stand on the cover, it can become a nasty, mosquito-ridden mess!  Because of this, an automatic cover pump is needed, and some manufacturers require that you buy their automatic cover pump when purchasing a solid safety cover.  Automatic cover pumps can get clogged by debris or ice, and burn up, so you really can't just put the cover on and walk away indefinitely.

Solid covers with drain panels get around the need for a cover pump by putting mesh panels in a solid cover.  As with mesh covers, some silt will get through the cover, but not quite as much.  Since the straps are sort of like dams, they hold back some of the silt, which can then dry up and blow away.  Some manufacturers put a solid material covering over the drain panels, which blocks all sunlight.  There are some manufacturers that claim their mesh material blocks 100 percent of sunlight, but I'm not buying that story.  All you have to do to disprove it is to hold the cover sample up on a sunny day, and look at the sunlight that is still hitting the ground!  But to cover a pool for the long term, (if the pool is to be unattended for more than just the winter, for example) the solid with drain panels is probably the best choice. 


Green mesh L shaped pool safety cover

How Long Do Safety Covers Last?

   There are a lot of factors that determine how long a pool cover will last.  Mesh covers actually tend to last a little longer than solids, partly because they are often put away not fully dry, and partly because they get more wear at the coping area.  Also, because the material can't stretch like a mesh cover can, it is more likely for the seams to come apart.  The oldest cover that I can remember replacing was a Loop-Loc mesh, which was 27 years old.  Actually, It seems that there are more really old Loop-Loc mesh covers out there than any others I've seen.  You can't really use the warranty as a guide for how long the cover will last, because the way the warranty is pro-ration is structured, some factories actually can make money after as little as a third of the warranty is up, and some will cite improper installation or even wind as the cause of failure. Even if the cover still looks good, I would suggest that the cover be replaced as it nears the end of the warranty period (12-15 Years) because of degradation.  About the only thing worse than not having a safety cover is having a cover that is not safe!


Freeform green mesh pool safety cover - Edmond OK

How Much Do Safety Covers Cost?

   Swimming pool safety covers can be pretty expensive for large or elaborate pools, but for most pools, they are well worth the money.  Not just because they are safe, but because of how long they last in relation to how much they cost.  Let's use a simple 16 x 32 for an example:  A cover with water tubes lasts about 2 years in Oklahoma, and currently cost about $200.00  ($100 per year).  A stock green mesh rectangle by Loop-Loc for the same pool, with installation, is about $1200.00, and will likely last 15 years ($80 per year).  Then there is the fact that the water tubes will almost certainly need to be replaced every couple of years.  But more than that, the safety cover will not hold the leaves, water, and other debris, and will not need to be cleaned and scrubbed, nor will you have to pump the water off and remove the slimy crud from the top before removing the cover.  You also don't risk the cover splitting and dumping all that mess into the pool.  Safety covers are put on and taken off in minutes, and there is virtually no risk of having to spend weeks cleaning up a mess that the cover was supposed to keep out of the pool in the first place.  You spend less money on chemicals, time and frustration.  Aside from all that, water tube covers are dangerous!  Kids an pets can't really perceive that the surface of the cover is not solid.  If they walk out onto the cover, the cover goes into the pool, the water tubes along with it, and can envelope and trap them. 

    If the pool is irregularly shaped, or has obstacles, like slide legs or waterfalls, the cover gets much more expensive.  For example, if the 16 x 32 pool were a kidney shape, and had a 4' waterfall, the price would be closer to $2500.00.  The water tube type would still be about $200.00 (but it might not do so well at covering the waterfall).  Not so much on the savings, here, but the real purpose of a safety cover is safety!


Unsafe pool  cover with water tubes       Cover with water tubes


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